“Our son adores being a part of Red Star. The coaching is excellent – with great technical skills, teaching ability, and awareness of how children learn and develop. This academy develops players so that they will continue to love the game while learning the techniques, skills, strategy, teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience required to play great soccer. Red Star welcomes the parents as well. It is like a family.”

Allison A.

U8 Soccer Mom

“We were not sure whether our 7 year old “needed” to play on a club soccer team at this young an age, but we gave Red Star a try and have been absolutely thrilled with the whole experience. Our son has gained incredible skills and loves every minute of it! Adriano has been an ideal coach – a great balance of taking the sport/ skills development seriously, but with an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude which promotes just plain having fun and learning to love the game of soccer.”


U8 Soccer Mom

“Red Star Soccer has given my son an appreciation for the game as well as building my son’s confidence in his soccer abilities. He now knows that if he plays hard and practices his game will get better.

Red Star Soccer Academy has gotten the entire family excited about soccer. The enthusiasm of the coach is contagious and fun to watch.

There has never been a day my son has not wanted to go to a game or practice. He loves the entire “Red Star” soccer environment and appreciates the competition.

I appreciate that coach Adriano has taken the time to build my son’s confidence. He goes out of his way to encourage and support my son in playing to his full potential. This goes beyond just soccer.”

Juan C.

U8 Soccer Dad

“Adriano is a student of the game of soccer. He has traveled around the world learning from top-level soccer clubs and people. This desire to learn combined with a broad playing experience in the US are important ingredients in becoming a strong coach and providing a progressive player development program.”

Benjamin Ziemer

Nor Car Premier Manager/President

“Our son has greatly enjoyed being a part of Red Star Soccer Academy. The coaching has been terrific – both in teaching the necessary technical skills as well as in teaching how to play the sport the right way. Adriano keeps things fresh for the kids and incorporates a variety of programs that continue to build our son’s passion for soccer. Its a highly interactive environment so every player feels like an integral part of the academy. In addition, Red Star has provided an environment that is very welcoming to siblings which have helped make soccer a family affair.”

Joe P.

U8 Soccer Dad

“What really distinguishes Adriano from most other soccer coaches in the area is that not only he focuses his training on the techniques and understanding of the sport, but also he coaches from his heart. Being from Brazil, where soccer is more of a religion than a sport, for Adriano, Red Star Academy is where he lives his ideas and realizes his life passion… Every week my son looks forward to the practices and the games.”

Michael T

U8 Soccer Dad

“I’ve lived in Los Altos for 10 years, and been associated with many of the local youth sports programs as a father and coach, including AYSO, MVLA soccer, Los Altos Little League, YMCA basketball, NJB basketball and MVLAGS softball. I can say without hesitation that Red Star Soccer is the best run organization of all of these.”

Joe B.

U9 Soccer Dad

“Alejandro, our son’s coach is very dedicated, disciplined, but warm and caring all at the same time; a great combination for our son Ricardo. We love him! We are also very impressed with the communication among the coaches and to the parents at Red Star Academy.

When Alejandro switched Ricardo to an offensive position during a game, he said that Ricardo did very well in that position. I got an email from Red Star’s Technical Director, Adriano, indicating that he was glad to hear that Ricardo did well in that positon, this happened almost immediately after the game.”

Lucy M.

U8 Soccer Mom

“Our daughter, Sonya, began competitive soccer at the age of 7 with The Red Star Academy. She loves the practices, her teammates are a delight and coach Adriano has a very systematic approach to skills development encouraging the girls to grow to their full potential. Street soccer on Friday’s is one of her favorite practices where the girls and boys play together rounding out many skills and building confidence. Red Star is also very organized and thought out so from a parent’s perspective practices and games are easy to plan ahead for when one has several children in multiple activities. It’s a terrific organization with a Technical Director who has a strong passion for sharing his love for soccer.”

Cara D.

U8 Soccer Mom

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