Soccer Coaching Slate

Red Star Soccer offers a wide variety of skilled coaches with prior professional experience. We specialize in skill development and strive to implement an up-tempo style of play that is exciting to watch and emphasizes skill. Red Star’s style of play will be distinct and recognizable. We believe the best way to develop players and teams is to play an attacking style of soccer. We will prioritize attacking and creating as many goal-scoring opportunities as possible. Our players will be known for their creativity, individuality, initiative, and soccer problem-solving abilities.


Chris McKenna

Girls Director of Coaching
13 Girls Red and White
11 Girls Red
10 Girls Red

Joey Davis

Boys Director of Coaching
13 Boys Red
10 Boys Red
14 Boys Red

Cleber Silva

Executive Director
16 Boys Red
16 Boys White
11 Boys Red

Manuel Cisneros

12 Boys Red
14 Boys Black

Lucas Almeida

Futsal Director

Pre-Competitive Director

Victor Romero Jr

14 Boys Gold
15 Boys Black

Nathaniel Polussa

12G Red
11G White

Helen Pettit

16 Girls Red
14 Girls Red

Victor Romero

13 Boys Black


Coaching Philosophy

At the heart of the Red Star Soccer Academy philosophy is making the best decisions at the appropriate time for each of our developing soccer players.  Long-term player development and success requires good choices.  Our goal is to help parents and families navigate the soccer landscape and make decisions that will benefit their player’s growth and evolution.  The path to success necessitates making the right choices at the right time in every stage of player development.

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