Our Philosophy

“Planning the development of young players is like preparing for a journey. It’s advisable to have a map to avoid getting lost and wasting time and energy.

–Horst Wein. (German educationalist and a leading figure in youth soccer development)

At the heart of the Red Star Soccer Academy philosophy is making the best decisions at the appropriate time for each of our developing soccer players.  Long-term player development and success requires good choices.  Our goal is to help parents and families navigate the soccer landscape and make decisions that will benefit their player’s growth and evolution.  The path to success necessitates making the right choices at the right time in every stage of player development.

Parents as Leaders in Decision Making:  Whether it be academics or sports, parents possess the vision to make decisions that support their child’s goals.  At Red Star Soccer Academy, we provide parents and players with a well-reasoned, research-based and centrally organized model of player training to facilitate the growth and development of each child.

Consistent Exposure to Quality Training:  Because soccer demands both complex skills and knowledge, Red Star offers year-round programs in fall, winter, spring, and summer.  This ensures players receive consistent and ongoing exposure to a high-quality model of technical training and soccer knowledge.  This consistent and cohesive approach to soccer instruction enables players to develop rapidly, yet safely.

Early Exposure to Soccer Instruction: Consistent and ongoing exposure to top quality information and instruction from age 6 is a much more effective player development model than a late-start approach. Red Star offers developmentally-appropriate programs for players age 4 and up.

Curriculum-Based Training:  Most learning takes place in training sessions, whereas games are a venue to test and apply what has been learned.  Red Star coaches plan lessons around a central club curriculum focused on player growth and development in addition to being competitive in matches.

Technical and Tactical Lessons:  Every action in soccer begins with decision-making in the brain, not a kick of the foot.  In addition to teaching technique, the Red Star Soccer philosophy emphasizes training in the cognitive components of soccer:  age-appropriate decision-making even in our youngest players.  

Individualized Player Skill Development:  Soccer is first a dribbling game and second a passing game. True competence in 1v1 technical ability and 1v1 knowledge is the primary goal of Red Star Academy. It is from this foundation that players achieve competency and mastery.

Training Sessions Are the Core of Our Program:  Red Star Soccer Academy focuses on critical, fundamental technical and tactical skills in each training session, where our coaches focus on positive reinforcement in a fun environment.  

Red Star Soccer Academy offers your child the high-quality, positive, and holistic instruction he/she deserves.  Come learn and play the Red Star way!