Thank you for your continued support and patience. Since our last communication, new information and developments have come in, and continue to come in on a daily basis. Safety is our number one priority. Based on the current status, Red Star will extend its suspension of practices at least through April 12th in accordance with US Club Soccer and our youth members of the U.S. Soccer Federation (AYSO, SAY, and USSSA) that have suspended all activities through April 12. This date could be extended further at any time.

We are hopeful the season will resume or be extended and will continue to send communications and updates.

Your coaches, like your teachers in school, are always eager to help you and will try to make themselves accessible to you, virtually of course. We are evaluating a variety of opportunities for our teams to stay active and involved: workouts, video content, virtual apps, recruiting tips, and at home ball control drills. Please reach out to your coach if you need any guidance. We also have uploaded soccer homework on our Instagram account and will be featuring it under “Story Highlights”, so please follow @redstarsoccer_

We plan to launch a dedicated page on our refreshed website for our athletes to use as a resource to stay active both mentally and physically (we will send you a direct link once it is live). Please respect Santa Clara County’s Health Shelter in Place Order ( and protect your immune system:

1. Get Enough Sleep

2. Eat a Clean Healthy Diet

3. Exercise, but don’t overdo it. They shouldn’t be high volume nor should they be super intense. Your coaches may have sent you some resources, links to some of them are here:

1. Red Star Individual Training Plan

2. Red Star Soccer Homework

3. NorCal Free Homework Program

4. Simple Kickwall/Rebound

Again, thank you for your understanding. Send us your ideas on how we can better serve you, and we’ll get through these times together.



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