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Ready to Join a Competitive Soccer Team?

Unlock your child’s potential, set them up for success and join a serious soccer club focused on player development. Our professional coaches are some of the best in the Bay Area and fashioned after classic European and South American style soccer. We take an individualized approach, set personalized goals, track individual player’s progress and leverage progressive teaching methods to assist our athletes in reaching their full potential. We proudly support multi-sport and school athletes.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of the Red Star Soccer Academy philosophy is making the best decisions at the appropriate time for each of our developing soccer players. Long-term player development and success requires good choices. Our goal is to help parents and families navigate the soccer landscape and make decisions that will benefit their player’s growth and evolution. The path to success necessitates making the right choices at the right time in every stage of player development.

Interested in a Tryout?

Thank you for your interest in Red Star Soccer. Our Open Tryouts for younger age groups were held. However, for all players in any age group, if you’re interested in being evaluated, please sign-up and a coach will contact you.

Long-Term Player Development Model

Coaches at all levels recognize that training and competition are essential to player success. Young players are not miniature adults; the emphasis and content of training differs according to the developmental age and readiness of the player. Consequently, it is a long-term process for young players to develop into elite athletes.

With very young players, the emphasis of training should be on basic coordination and movement acquisition in a fun environment.  While challenges and competition are an essential part of training, they should not be the focus of it.

As young players move through to each new phase of their development, the process and the program should be clear. It must also be linear and methodical to allow easy transition to the next phase. Consideration of what should be coached, when, for how long and how often, must be related to critical periods in human development:   the “windows of trainability.” Again these must be linked if players are to reach their potential and fully develop as a person. Thus, it is essential for soccer clubs to develop and use a cohesive, coherent long-term plan for player development.

A specific and well-planned practice, training, competition and recovery program will ensure optimum development throughout a player/athlete’s career. Ultimately, sustained success comes from training and performing well over time rather than winning in the short term. There is no shortcut to success in athletic preparation. Rushing competition will always result in challenges to physical, technical, tactical, mental, personal and lifestyle capacities.

In Red Star’s framework, fun, fundamental motor skills and soccer specific skill development are strongly emphasized at an early age. Competition for younger children needs to be balanced with a focus on skill development. Presently, in the U.S. there is an overemphasis on competition to the detriment of opportunities to practice and improve. If younger players are to develop their skills and decision making, they need to be exposed to enjoyable practices to develop their capacities on a regular basis.

The Red Star Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Model, as part of the academy’s master plan and guiding principles, will contribute to skills, fitness and knowledge among players in the years to come.

The Red Start LTPD will:

  • provide clear pathways for progression.
  • help athletes attain higher and more sustained levels of success.
  • provide athlete-centered planning and decision making.
  • provide a basis on which to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of programs.

At Red Star, we believe our entire organization is charged with the responsibility to ensure that players are provided with the best opportunities to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

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What Our Community is Saying

“Our son adores being a part of Red Star. The coaching is excellent – with great technical skill, teaching ability, and awareness of how children learn and develop. This academy develops players so that they will continue to love the game while learning the techniques, skills, strategy, team work, sportsmanship and resilience required to play great soccer. Red Star welcomes the parents as well. It is like a family.”

Allison A. – U8 Soccer Mom

“We were not sure whether our 7 year old “needed” to play on a club soccer team at this young an age, but we gave Red Star a try and have been absolutely thrilled with the whole experience. Our son has gained incredible skills and loves every minute of it! Adriano has been an ideal coach – a great balance of taking the sport/ skills development seriously, but with an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude which promotes just plain having fun and learning to love the game of soccer.”

J – U8 Soccer Mom

“Red Star Soccer has given my son an appreciation for the game as well as building my son’s confidence in his soccer abilities. He now knows that if he plays hard and practices his game will get better. Red Star Soccer Academy has gotten the entire family excited about soccer. The enthusiasm of the coach is contagious and fun to watch. There has never been a day my son has not wanted to go to a game or practice. He loves the entire “Red Star” soccer environment and appreciates the competition. I appreciate that coach Adriano has taken the time to build my son’s confidence. He goes out of his way to encourage and support my son in playing to his full potential. This goes beyond just soccer.”

Juan C. – U8 Soccer Dad