Player Code of Conduct & Expectations


*  I will play according to the laws and spirit of the game.

*  I will arrive early to practices and games so I can properly prepare both mentally and physically for the upcoming exercise.

*  I will be responsible for, bring all the necessary equipment (appropriate clothing, inflated ball, backpack, appropriate footwear, shinguards, plenty of water) to practices and games.

*  I will wear Red-Star training t-shirts, black shorts, black socks to all practices, unless my coach instructs otherwise.

*  I will display self-control in all situations. I will never use foul or abusive language – before, during, or after a game or practice.

*  I will practice and play to the best of my ability, maintain a positive attitude, and encourage others to do the same.

*  I will respect all teammates, opponents, coaches and others, treating them as I would like to be treated.

*  I will respect referees and not dispute his/her decisions.

*  I will practice on my own and dedicate myself to improving my ball mastery.

*  I will respect Academy equipment and will assist the coach in seting up and taking down the field.

*  I will represent Red Star with passion, pride, and integrity.